Terms and Conditions

The Transportation Security Administration requires that all cargo transported via commercial airlines be screened. To facilitate this screening, we are required to have the shipper’s written authorization on file, allowing the screening to take place. The submission of the sign up form provides this authorization.

The rates provided do not include customs or sales tax charges. They also do not cover charges from Belize City to your destination. These charges will be added by BPMS Services. Delivery to your home or any other location other tham Ncode System or BPMS offices will carry an extra charge.

Restricted Commodities
Hazardous materials, cash, perishables, negotiable securities, animal skins, firearms, aerosol cans, perfumes pornography, etc.

Weight and Package Information
Dimensional weight or actual weight (whichever is greater) may be charged
Dimensional weight calculations (measurements must be in inches) [Length x Width x Height) / 166]
C.O.D. shipments will not be accepted.
Ncode Systems is not liable for damage or loss of items while in processing or shipping.

Dutiable Shipments

A commercial invoice (or any invoice), regardless of the value must accompany all non-document shipments. A delay may occur, pending receipt of proper documentation.

Customer's shipments consisting of books, CD's, clothes, documents etc., will be cleared automatically as "Non Trade", unless prior arrangements have been made in writing.

Customs & Excise request that a "Formal Entry" be done for "Trade" shipments that are "Dutiable"; therefore you will receive the necessary documentation for clearance in these instances.
Duty paid on "Non-Trade" shipments (on your behalf) must be paid upon pick up by customer.
A sales tax will be charged on the shipment for non trade items.
A Service Fee may be charged for clearance of dutiable items that incur Duties, Consumption Tax, and/or Customs Service Charges.

BZD to USD Conversion charges may apply.

'Non Trade' shipments are packages imported for personal use.

'Trade' shipments are packages imported for commercial use and/or for which their value exceeds the legal limit for 'Non Trade'