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You Have Mail !

Shipping help
Let us help you get your things in a timely manner

When shipping things that have been purchased from ebay, Amazon, or any other source, please send us a copy of the invoice. This will help to clear customs accurately with no guesswork on the part of the agents. We know that you like to be frugal. Lets carry the frugality to the clearing of customs.

When shipping used clothing or tools, etc, mark them as used and put a price on them at garage sale prices.

Pets and Livestock. If you send anything having to do with animals, feed, medication, etc. a permit must be arranged for at BAHA. There is a $ 50.00 BZD for the permit. Let me know in advance and I will help you.

Medications and supplements have to be cleared with health.

Hazardous Materials can be shipped with additional handling and special packaging. We must know exactly what it is and we will coordinate it for you and give you the cost.

When you pick up your items, you will receive your receipt from You Have Mail.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.